Terms & Conditions

Please read these carefully


  1. "Agreement" means these Terms and Conditions.
  2. "Company" means the entity that owns the website and engages the Writer for rendition of services according to the defined terms and conditions laid out in this Agreement.
  3. "Writer" is the person who has agreed to render services to the Company on a freelance basis under the terms and conditions laid out in this Agreement.
  4. "Order" means an electronic request of a paid service from the Company for a particular Product.
  5. "Product" is a document in an electronic format that is the final result of processing the Order.
  6. "Account" means electronic record of all Orders processed by the Writer, communication, payments; and personal information about the Writer.
  7. "Quality Assurance Department" or "QA Department" signifies that part of the Company organizational structure that ensures delivery of quality Product to the Customer.
  8. "Product Quality" indicates compliance of the Product with all the quality standards of the Company as well as the requirements of the Customer relative to the Order.
  9. "Plagiarism" means to present as new and original a Product or any part thereof with respect to an Order which is found to have been derived from an existing source. This includes Products or any part thereof previously accomplished and submitted by the same Writer.
  10. "Reassigned Order" means an Order which being processed by a Writer is taken and assigned to another Writer for causes set forth in this Agreement.
  11. "Termination of Account" means discontinuation of services of the Writer and any further cooperation with the Company.
  12. "Earnings" are the amount of money that the Writer shall be entitled to for processing a Product.
  13. "Due Balance" is the accumulated amount of pending Earnings at a given time to be paid to the Writer for completed work.
  14. "Payout Dates" are dates when the Company processes the Earnings to the Writer.
  15. "Reachable" means that the Writer will be available for both the Company by phones (cellular) and Internet (Hangouts, Whatsapp, Emails) at any time while they are working on the Order. (The contact information the Writer has on the Account profile enables the Company to get in touch with the Writer in case there are any questions, clarification, or updates on the Order(s) the Writer is working on.
  16. "Responsive" means to provide the Company with the required or requested information while processing the Order. Writers must remain courteous and be professional in their communication with the Company. This entails prompt replies to messages received from the Company.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Any developments and innovations conceived in connection to or arising out of the Products completed by the Writer during this engagement relative to the duties under this Agreement shall inure to the benefit of the Company and will be its exclusive property. The Writer hereby adheres to all the rights and serves for the interest of the Company in rendering services under this Agreement.
  2. Any developments and innovations conceived in connection to or arising out of the Products completed by the Writer prior to the term of this Agreement and utilized by the Writer in rendering duties to the Company are hereby licensed to the Company for use in its operations and for an infinite duration, as may be allowed by law. This license is non-exclusive, and may be assigned by the Company to whomsoever it chooses without the Writer's prior written approval.
  3. The Writer represents and warrants sole authorship and ownership of the Product to be delivered and assigned to the Company, together with the title to it; the Writer is the sole owner of all rights of any and all kinds whatever in and to the Product, throughout the world; there has been no publication without reservation of copyright within the Writer's knowledge or consent anywhere in the world; the Writer has the sole and exclusive right to dispose of each and every right granted; the Product nor any part of it can lawfully be transferred, conveyed, assigned or otherwise be disposed of; that Writer has in no way conveyed, granted, or hypothecated any rights of any kind or character in or to the Product, or any part of it, to any person, other than the Company, nor have the Writer granted any right, license, or privilege with respect to any of the rights granted to any person other than the Company; and the Writer has not done or caused or permitted to be done any act or thing by which any of the rights granted by this agreement have been in any way impaired.
  4. Writer shall not at any time execute any further agreement or agreements in conflict with this agreement, nor will Writer in any way attempt to encumber the rights granted by this agreement, nor will Writer do or cause or permit to be done any act or thing by which the rights granted to the Company may in any way be impaired.
  5. The Writer authorizes the Company to make application in its own name or its assignee as proprietor for copyright registration of the literary property in all countries throughout the world in which copyright has not been obtained. Any such copyrights shall be and remain exclusively in the name of the Company or its assignee and Writer agree to execute any and all documents or instruments in any country in which the same may be necessary to obtain copyright registration.
  6. The Writer covenants to indemnify the Company against any claim, demand, or recovery finally sustained in any suit that may be brought against the Company in any manner connected with the Product by reason of the following: (1) any violation or infringement of any proprietary right or copyright, (2) any libelous or unlawful matter contained in the Product which is the subject matter of this agreement, (3) Writer's breach of any term, covenant, representation, or warranty of this agreement, or (4) any matter whatever that might prejudice the securing to Company or its assigns of the full benefit of the rights granted in this agreement.
  7. The Writer shall promptly and diligently defend any claim, demand, or action that may be made or brought against the Company or its assignee, which claim, demand, or action is based on assertions or allegations of infringement or violation of copyright, libel, or unlawful matter in the Product. If Writer fails to discharge this obligation, the Company is granted the right to make any defense necessary, and the costs and attorney fees, together with the amount of any judgment or other recovery for which the Company is liable, shall be charged to and paid by the Writer.

Termination of the Account

  1. This Agreement may be terminated in one of the following ways:
    • Resignation
    • Termination
  2. Resignation. The Writer may terminate the Agreement by sending a resignation email to the Company one week in advance. Termination of the Agreement will be granted by the Company if all the due Orders under Writer's Account are completed. Only after complying with this written notice and completion of any additional Orders can the Writer maintain a positive history and may be eligible for future engagements with the Company. All Earnings are processed according to the applicable payment terms and conditions. Access to the Account is closed immediately.
  3. Termination. The following instances are causes for the Termination of the Account:
    • Plagiarism. Any instance that is classified as "Plagiarism" may lead to the termination of the Writer's Account with the Company. The Account undergoes thorough quality check by the Quality Assurance Department. The Writer is reimbursed only for quality orders on the Payout Date on the last payment date scheduled upon the last order successfully completed. Access to Account is closed immediately after the last payment is processed. Reactivation request is not considered by the Quality Assurance Department.
    • Quality. Any instance or multiple cases of Low Quality (Requirements full/partial mismatch) may lead to termination of the Writer's Account with the Company. The Writer is reimbursed only for quality orders on the last payment date scheduled upon the last order successfully completed. Access to Account is closed immediately after the last payment is processed. Reactivation request may be considered by the Quality Assurance Department if reasonable explanation is provided or guarantee of noticeable improvement is substantially established.
    • Disappeared. Single instance of Neglect (Disappearance from the project) may lead to termination of the Writer's Account with the Company. The Writer is reimbursed only for quality orders on the last payment date scheduled upon the last order successfully completed. Access to the Account is closed immediately after the termination date. Reactivation request is not considered.
    • Often Late. Deliberate instant or multiple cases of Neglect (Project uploaded after indicated deadline, Close to deadline reassign request, Failure to complete Multiple choice (time framed) orders, Product/Product revision deadline violation, Violation of "Report on progress" requirement) may lead to termination of the Writer's Account with the Company. The Writer is reimbursed only for quality orders on the last payment date scheduled upon the last order successfully completed. Access to the Account is closed immediately after the termination date. Reactivation request is not considered.
    • Mandatory termination due to violations of the Agreement. If at any time the Writer is found to have committed any violation, failure or refusal to fully comply with the written terms and conditions of this Agreement or any reasonable directive or is guilty of serious misconduct in connection with performance of the obligations set forth herein, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Account at any time without prior written notice to the Writer and without being liable for any or all kinds of damages in favor of the Writer. In cases of serious violation or serious misconduct, the Due Balance will not be processed and shall be forfeited.

Product and Service Requirements

  1. Requirements: The Product should adhere to quality writing standards that include but are not limited to the following:
    • Layout and organization (referencing style, standard formatting, word limit).
    • Grammatical resource (accurate use of grammatical rules, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure).
    • Lexical resource (word choice, tautology, effective arrangement of words, language flow).
    • Diction management (order specifics (tables, graphs, charts etc.), logical arrangement, presentation of own views and ideas, relevance of utterances, redundancy, linking ability).
    • 0% Plagiarism. It is strictly forbidden to use the Writer's previously completed papers or run the papers through any plagiarism check software. It is also prohibited to use such sources as TermPapers.com, SparkNotes, and Wikipedia etc. All references should be taken from reliable sources.
  2. The Product should be written and delivered according to requirements of the Customer that include but are not limited to the following:
    • Topic and Order description, additional files, paper type, number of pages, referencing style, number of sources, academic level.
    • Additional requirements through messages/revision instructions/emails.
    • Deadline.
  3. Compliance with requirements of the Company that include but are not limited to the following:
    • On-time submission of current Orders.
    • Timely response to all messages and emails, availability for communication over the phone. Writers should be Reachable and Responsive as contemplated under this Agreement.
    • Writers who are preparing Orders in their ongoing sections are required to log in to the System every 24 hours to inform the Company about the status of the Order to assure that the Product will be submitted on time. If an Order is not submitted by the deadline, Company may contact the Writer at any given time to check the progress of the Product. It is crucial to submit all Products by the deadline. Company reserves the right to contact the Writer in urgent cases even after business hours, as the case may be.
    • If the Writer takes a Reassigned Order that requires revision only, the Writer becomes fully responsible for the completion of the Order. Thus, the Writer must perform further revisions per Customer's request, if revision instructions do not substantially vary from the original ones.
  4. Breach of Product and Service Requirements and any or all its subsections may lead to penalties, fines and/or termination of the Account. In addition to the sanction, the Writer might not be reimbursed for the particular Order. The Writer recognizes the right of the Company to determine and impose the appropriate sanctions depending on the circumstances on each particular case. The following chart contains descriptions of Company violations and fine amounts.

    Fine Policy

    Fine Type Description Order status Value (% from Order total) Order compensation
    Neglect Product uploaded after indicated deadline Cancelled 100% No
    Disappearance from the project Cancelled 100% No
    Close to deadline reassign request Cancelled 50% No
    Failure to complete mutliple choice (time framed) Cancelled 100% No
    Low Quality Requirements full mismatch Low quality product Completed 100% No
    Requirements partial mismatch Completed 40% Yes
    Proofread. Minor Errors detected. Completed 5% Yes
    Proofread. Major Errors detected. Completed 10% Yes
    Proofread. Substandard Quality
    1. the order was returned to the Writer by the Quality Assurance Dept for further revision
    2. the order has been assessed as "low quality product" by the Quality Assurance Department
    1. 15%
    2. 40%
    Plagiarism Plagiarism detected. Paper cannot be used. Cancelled 110% No
    Plagiarism detected. Paper is partially usable Completed 30% Yes
    Late order submission Product deadline violation Completed 10% Yes
    Product revision deadline violation. Completed 10% Yes
    other Violation of "Report on progress" requirement*** Preparing/Completed from 10% and up Yes
    Deadline recalculation. The order was partially refunded due to deadline extension request Completed from 10% and up Yes
    Abuse of communication tools. Multiple duplicate requests, follow ups through various communication tools without sound ground Completed from 10% and up Yes
    ** The paper is considered to be partially usable when 15% - 40% of plagiarism is detected and the Customer agreed to accept the Product on condition of partial refund.
  5. Dispute. The Writer has a right to dispute any sanction incurred. All fine disputes should be submitted within five (5) days prior to the scheduled Payout Dates. The Writer should state the reasons for reconsideration of the dispute through an email to the Company. The investigation conducted by Company usually takes up to three (3) business days from the time the dispute was submitted. Writer shall abide by the decision of the Company, which decision shall be considered final.

Payment terms and conditions

  1. Payment basis
    1. The Writer is entitled to the Earnings for each completed Order that is in conformity with Product and Service Requirements of this Agreement. The Earnings for any particular order depend on the Product complexity and the urgency.
    2. The Company has a monthly payout system for all orders that have matured. Orders take 2 weeks to mature. Orders done between 16th of one month to 15th of the following month will be paid at the end of the following month. For example; orders done between 16th Jan and 15th Feb are paid at end of Feb. Those done between 16th Feb and 15th March are paid at end of March, and so on and so forth.
    3. All payments will be paid by latest 5th of the next month when they are due as the Company may at times experience sudden/unexpected circumstances/technical difficulties. Writers will be duly informed in case of such.
  2. Advance Payment
    Every writer is entitled to advance payment once every month. The advance payment cannot be more than half what the writer is due at the end of the month. For instance; if at the time of the advance request the earnings of the writer is 10,000 he will be entitled to an advance payment not exceeding 5000. The advance request must be made through an email to the Company and will be processed as soon as possible.
  3. Payment Processing
    1. Writers are responsible for submitting valid Payment Details.
    2. Upon completion of the order, the system automatically calculates your payment for the paper as the total price for the order minus fines or plus bonuses, if any. 
    3. You can check your earnings at Invoices.
    4. Exceptional work will be rewarded from time to time through our bonus system.


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